Get $1000 Sent to Your Cash App

$1000 Sent to Your Cash App

Get 1000 Sent to Your Cash App

He was in my phone and I saw him writing $999 and he clicked on Zelle and I said, Get 1000 Sent to Your Cash App.

My Zelle account has nothing to do with Cash App and I said oh my god,

you must be a scammer and I hurried up and hung up the phone,” said Thompson.

She called her bank and disputed the transfer. This was money she couldn’t afford to lose.

I’m on a fixed income. I get a retirement check, so they knew I didn’t have that to spare.

They were willing to all pitch in to give me back my money,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s bank ended up reimbursing her, and she said she learned that if someone sends you money, verify the source first.

I immediately called Cash App to let them know that I cannot retrieve this $300,” said Thompson.

Thompson added that it won’t happen again because she deleted all her apps.

I canceled Venmo, I cancelled Moneygram, Zelle, any cash app.

I really think there’s a scam out there for all of them.

And I informed all my friends and family, if I want to give you money or owe you money.

I’ll be writing you a check.

To be honest with you, that’s the only app I trust is writing a check,” said Thompson.

There are currently no phone numbers that you can call to speak with Cash Support.

Customers can call their main line for automated instructions.

If you speak with someone over the phone claiming to be a Cash App representative, it’s likely a scam.

And never ever give out your sign-in code over the phone, social media, or any other medium.

The Maryland Bankers Association said phishing attacks have increased in frequency and sophistication.


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